[Samba] Samba 3.0 and winpopup?

Uwe Bering edv at lwv-friedberg.de
Fri Jun 11 05:48:39 GMT 2004

Hi Ken,

Am 9 Jun 2004 um 10:05 hat Ken D'Ambrosio geschrieben:

> Hello, all.  I want to send a message to Windwos clients, a la 
> "smbclient -M", from my Samba 3.x box.  Is this possible?  I seem to 
> recall (and apt-get seems to agree) that smbclient has been deprecated; 
On a box with 2.2.8a I used 2 variants:

echo "message" | smbclient -M recipient_machine -U 
name_of_your_choice > /dev/null

I created a file 'msg' and sent it with
cat /path/msg | smbclient -M recipient_machine -U name_of_your_choice 
> /dev/null

didn't try it on Samba2, but I think it will work there, too.


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