[Samba] Fixed it myself... (ldap/winbind)

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Thu Jun 10 20:17:56 GMT 2004

Josh Skains wrote:

>1. If you are going to force people to use something complex, DOCUMENT it. Assume there are people like me who have no understanding of ldap. Even some automatic script should be written for people who need LDAP for distribution but plan to use LDAP for absolutely NOTHING else.
This part has been discussed before, and there are a whole lot of LDAP 
servers and versions that all do things differently.  Even though most 
people 'round here use openldap there are many Sun (I should know their 
server name), and other ldap servers in use, I'd be surprised if there 
aren't even a couple people here that put their idmap in their active 
directory's LDAP server.

I think that at least the 'include the schema file' part was in the 
documentation where you found the samba.schema file, but I could be 
wrong.  I'm away from my machines and documentation today :-/

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