[Samba] Can't print multiple copies from XP to Samba 2.2.8a on Linux, hp 932c

Chris Kratz chris.kratz at vistashare.com
Thu Jun 10 18:48:30 GMT 2004

Hello Jeremy,

Thanks for your response.  Hooking the printer locally to the XP computer and 
removing the checkbox "Enable Advanced Printer Features" checkbox does print 
multiple copies when multiple copies are entered in the print dialog from MS 
Word.  Printing over the network to the samba box always ignores the number 
of copies setting regardless of the Enable Advanced Printer Features checkbox 
value.  I tried checking and unchecking the checkbox in both situations 
without any change in behavior.

On a whim, I tried the printing to a windows 2000 server sharing an HP 845c 
with the exact same outcome.  It appears that when the printer is used 
locally on a machine, the number of copies prints correctly.  But when 
printing over the network, only a single copy is ever printed from Microsoft 
applications (quickbooks works as expected).

This indicates that it must be a problem with the HP printer driver provided 
w/ windows.  I tried downloading and installing the HP drivers on the client 
and that simply caused the properties dialog to crash every time I brought it 

Any other ideas?


On Wednesday 09 June 2004 4:10 pm, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Chris Kratz wrote:
> | When we hook the printer directly to a xp machine, printing
> | multiple copies does work, but printing over the network to
> | samba will only ever print a single copy no matter what.
> Make sure that you've initialized the printer data for
> that queue on the Samba box.
> Also make sure that you can print multiple copies
> after to a a local version of the printer even
> after unselecteding the "Enmable Advanced Printer
> Features" checkbox in the advanced tab of the printer
> properties window.  It could be that this feature only
> works with EMF jobs and not standard RAW/PCL/PS.  Just
> a guess.
> cheers, jerry

Chris Kratz
Systems Analyst/Programmer
VistaShare LLC

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