[Samba] What is the password for ADMIN$ ? Can we disable it?

Rohit Wadhwa rohit.wadhwa at tabs.toshiba.com
Thu Jun 10 18:39:44 GMT 2004


I am using Samba 2.2.8a as a file and print server. When I execute smbclient
with my server as parameter, I see all my shares and I also see IPC$ and

I am trying to find out

1. If I try to connect to \\MySambaServer\ADMIN$ from a windows machine, as
username/password dialog pops up. What is password for this?

2. Is there a way to disable the ADMIN$ share via smb.conf ? What are the
possible side-effects?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

Rohit Wadhwa.

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