[Samba] Samba XP multip user login problem

Sven Hahlbrock sven.hahlbrock at chiping.de
Thu Jun 10 13:08:31 GMT 2004


I have a problem reg. the interconnection of Samba and XP und the "Fast 
User switching" facility of XP.

Problem occurs like this:
If there are more than one user logged into a XP machine (i.e via 
remotedesktop/fast user switching) only the last logged in user is able 
to access the samba shares.
The other ones are getting a window which prompts for username and 
password, but they will never succeed.
One of the share is the home of the user and is shown as loginname in 
the network neighborhood (i.e. \\samba\USER). If there are more than one 
logged into
the XP machine I can see a \\samba\USER and a \\samba\nobody. So it 
seems that the Samba isn't able to handle more the one user per XP machine.

Our setup is a little bit trocky but not too much.
We are using Samba 2.2.8a and a XP machine as password server.

Does anybody knows about restrictions/problems regarding this setup or 
multiple user logged into an XP machine?

Under native XP file sharing it is possible to change the user and to 
connect to the same XP-share from different accounts on the same machine.

Thanks in advance.

Sven Hahlbrock


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