[Samba] info for samba between linux and win98

tecnobit tecnobitpa at tiscali.it
Thu Jun 10 10:34:20 GMT 2004

I need to connect a win98SE with a linux suse 7.3 with samba 2.2 server.
I have write the smb.conf  and testparm results ok.
If i write security = share in smb.conf, i can access the linux directory
without password request,
but if i write security = user (to obtain authentication of user) i cannot
connect to it, when i want map linux directory as disk (because it ask to me
the password and answers "incorrect password").
I set the win98SE registry value to 1 (for explain password), as raccomended
by samba.
I set then personalized access client of win98 to nt domain and specified
domain (the same of linux).
I would like know as i can obtein authentication from linux system when i
logon from win98SE (personalized access client as predefinied client).
do i the correct procedure (set personalized access client as default with
nt domain specified)?
Please give me help (what can i do or set ) or documents that i can read to
resolve this problem.
Tank you

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