[Samba] Samba and WINS

Phill Harvey-Smith phill at bio.warwick.ac.uk
Thu Jun 10 08:36:38 GMT 2004

Hi there,

We are using Samba 2.2.5 as a WINS server within my department, which is 
spread accross several subnets. This works most of the time, however if for
some reason the samba server is down for an extended period, then the master 
browsers on the subnets other than it's subnet lose contact with it and have 
to be re-booted, to re-gain contact and therefore for all machines to be 
visible to each other.

Is it possible to have another machine that would be a backup WINS server, 
also running samba so that network browsing would continue to work as long 
as one of the machines was up ?



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