[Samba] Reasonable Throughput

Tom Hibbert tom at nsp.co.nz
Wed Jun 9 21:33:29 GMT 2004

On 100mbit networks I regularly get speeds of 9.1MBps (Samba or FTP have
equal speeds which is good). This is common even when using low end
network cards like the Realtek 8139. Comparably with the same hardware
and WinXP involved on at least one side of the link I get 5.4MBps.

Last year I had the opportunity to do some real world throughput testing
using some fairly high end gear. Both machines were connected with Intel
Pro1000 network cards through a 3com switch. Using a P4 workstation
running Windows 2000 and a Xeon server running Samba 3.0a I achieved a
throughput of 440MBps, the theoretical maximum of the hardware (3ware
Escalade raid controller). Using the same server and workstation I could
only push 200MBps. This speed was achieved under the Airbox TV broadcast
software sucking down multiple MPEG2 streams off the RAID array. I also
ran Netbench to verify the throughput speeds.

If you are experiencing lower throughput than this the first place to
look is cabling. Also be wary of the Davicom and Macronix network cards
as I often found specimens that were sub standard and could only push
5MBps. Also the switch is a contributing factor so try crossing over and
comparing speeds.

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One thing that it seems hard to define is what a reasonable expectation
of throughput on a 100Mbps Ethernet that a samba server should be
running at. Currently, I seem to be getting about 4.8Mbps for a single
client (NetBench).

There is a switch between the server and the client I was testing with.

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