[Samba] Problem with authenticating a computer to a samba share

Björn Giesler giesler at ira.uka.de
Wed Jun 9 15:32:09 GMT 2004


I have a Win2k Server Active Directory Domain Controller, and an 
Exchange server running on the same machine. I want to use NTBACKUP to 
back up the mailboxes to a Samba machine running as ADC slave. This 
doesn't work, and I get the message

	Username DOMAIN\MACHINE$ is invalid on this system

in the Samba logs.

How can I make MACHINE known to Samba? Since MACHINE is the domain 
controller, I can't add it to the ADC host list, and it's the one that 
supplies the passwords...

Anyone seen/done this before?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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