[Samba] use password server= when security=ADS or not???

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Jun 9 13:00:56 GMT 2004

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Alex de Vaal wrote:

| In the man page of samba also reside about password server
| the following: The advantage of using security = domain
| is that if you list several hosts in the password server
| option then smbd will try each in turn till it finds one
| that responds.  This is useful in case your primary
| server goes down. Does this also work, when security = ADS
| ?  Id like that the samba domain server
| tries to contact each password server in the list
| till it finds one that responds.

When 'security = ads', Samba uses the password server
for any NTLM authentication as well as ldap queries.
Krb5 ticket verification is handled by the krb5 libs
(outside of Samba).

cheers, jerry
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