[Samba] detailed file permissions

Hamish captainmish at gmx.net
Wed Jun 9 10:12:59 GMT 2004

We have samba 3.0.3  using posix acls, it does not seem to allow the 
same functionality of nt acls though - they do map to the nt security 
dialog which is useful, but only using combinations of rwx. I do not 
think it is possible to set explicit delete permissions with posix acls.
I would be very interested if you find a solution to the (create new but 
not delete old) issue!

Thierry ITTY wrote:

>I have several linux samba servers (mainly 2.2.8) which I'm very satisfied of
>I'm asked to set NT-like permissions on some files or directories, such as
>: explicit delete permission, explicit create permission (for example we
>want to allow users to update files but not to create new ones or delete
>existing ones)
>I think posix ACLs don't provide this, and I didn't find any kind of
>mapping. Is this possible with latest versions (samba 3) ?

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