[Samba] Weird Domain listings

Jeremias Müller jeremias at jeremi-ass.de
Wed Jun 9 08:52:55 GMT 2004

Paul Espinosa wrote:

> I'm having an issue with my samba Domains.  When I browse to Microsoft
> Windows Network with either Windows 2000 or WinXP I see two copies of the
> Domain.  I see the proper domain (I'm using Matrix for testing) 
> "Matrix" and
> I see another "Matrix      " that appears to have 5 or 6 spaces or a tab
> appended onto the end.  The domain w/o the spaces is the proper one, 
> the one
> with the spaces doesn't contain any servers or workstation.
> This seems to have started after upgrading to samba 3.0.4.
> Has anyone seen this before?  And if so what's the solution to this, I 
> don't
> want my users to get confused.
> Thanks,
> Paul Espinosa

I had the same problem.
After commenting out the charset options in smb.conf and removing 
browse.dat and wins.dat,
it was solved for me.
Remember to stop the smb service befor the changes and start afterwards.

Jeremias M.

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