[Samba] Win98 Network File Caching?

David Rea davidrea at ultratrace.com.au
Wed Jun 9 05:27:17 GMT 2004

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks very much. I will give that a shot little later today. I am assuming
that it doesn't affect any other OS client side except for 95 & 98....



> This is almost certainly due to oplocks on the client. To
> prevent this either turn off oplocks on the Samba server
> (oplocks = no on the share definition) or use Linux, which
> has a kernel that natively supports oplocks. Hmmm. As you're
> on a SCO system I'd definitely suggest the latter. Using a
> system whose author shows a predilection for suing their
> own customers isn't a good idea...
> Jeremy.

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