[Samba] Issue listing hosts with SMBCLIENT

Stuart J. Browne stuart at promed.com.au
Wed Jun 9 02:33:48 GMT 2004


We recently upgraded from samba 2.2.8 to 3.0.2 (RH package, 3.0.2-6.E3)
on a Linux (RHES3) server, and have had a few weird things start

I've set up samba on this machine as a local master = yes, preferred
master = yes, domain master = yes, an os level of 60 (as it was set up
previously), and things were working fine.

After a week or so however, it started loosing browser elections to an
XP Pro laptop.  That issue is resolved now.

However, after that happened, a number of machines on the network, also
XP Pro, are no longer showing up in the 'Server' list when doing:

	smbclient -N -L localhost

on the samba server.

Using 'smbclient' to list the shares on the individual Pc's works fine.

I've read a few posts saying that shares with 's in the description or
name causes issues, so removed all of those.  It also wouldn't list any
share that was longer than 12 characters, so shortened the share names
appropraitely, but 3 machines still refuse to show up.

There is no firewalling between them, and they are on the same network
segment and ip subnet.

What areas in particular should I look into to figure out why the server
isn't remembering these workstation PC's?


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