[Samba] samba 3.0.4 ldap replication and tls will not work

Troy Kruschel tkrusche at sd83.bc.ca
Wed Jun 9 10:22:11 GMT 2004

I recently installed samba 3.0.4 with ldap on fedora core 1 and 2.  
Eveything works fine except for when I turn on tls which I need for 
secuity.  I get tls handshake errors and nothing will work.  I had the 
same setup with redhat 7.1 samba 2.28 and ldap and tls worked great.  I 
seem to have tracked it down to the ldap libraries.  If I use ldap 
libraries 2.1.16 or up the tls handshake errors show up.  If I use ldap 
libraries lower than this tls will work if pointed to the master but if 
pointed to a slave ldap server a segmentaion fault happens when I try to 
change passwords or add machines.  Replication works fine with tls off.  
Any ideas if this is a bug in samba, ldap or has something changed in 
samba 3 and I am doing something wrong

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