[Samba] uid and gid problems with linux as client and server

Paul Espinosa pespinosa at sunflowerbroadband.com
Tue Jun 8 15:49:54 GMT 2004


This is how I mount a samba share on my Linux workstation(all on one line):

sudo mount -t smbfs -o uid=<username>, ip=, username=<username>,
password=<password>//server/share /home/mydir/dir

This works for me just fine.

Paul Espinosa
pespinosa at sunflowerbroadband.com
IT Supervisor
The World Company

.----[ Laurence Rowe wrote ]----
|  Hi,
|  I'm using samba 3.0.4 (stock debian packages) as a client and a server. 
|  The problem is I have a different uid on server (1001) to my client 
|  (1000) so when I try and access a file I appear to the client as not 
|  being the owner. I have tried the uid and gid options in smbmount, but 
|  they do not seem to have any affect (I assume the unix cifs extensions 
|  are overiding them).
|  On the server side I have a create mask and a directory mask of 775 but 
|  this also has no affect.
|  This is driving me spare! Is there any way to disable the unix cifs 
|  extensions or to map between uids?
|  Thanks,
|  Laurence

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