[Samba] Samba just Slow with AutoCad?

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue Jun 8 14:59:06 GMT 2004

Do you have any dns service running?  Even if you're running some files 
based stuff (/etc/hosts) make sure that your address match names.  I've 
had issues where they didn't match up before. 

Follow me here...  a machine running dhcp registered itself in dns with 
a particular address.  That user then was given a static address with a 
different name.  The user didn't change his computer name to match dns 
when he went to static, and his machine didn't change its dns 
registration, so it was reporting itself as a name which matched a black 
hole IP address (because it wasn't sitting there any more).  You could 
see in the logs where the samba spooler service would time out trying to 
access the dead address/name combo, and eventually windows would just 
time out and give you the printer box.

Brian Merrell wrote:

>Thanks for your response Jerry.
>Yes.  These are all windows XP machines.  We have about four printers here
>in the office (all HP hehe).  Only two computers have McAfee Firewalls
>installed, the rest do not have firewalls.  We are on a 100 mbps ethernet
>with a 16 port hub.  Nothing too fancy.
>AutoCad is a strange beast.  No matter what printer you have set up as your
>default printer, when you click the print icon or give the print command,
>AutoCad comes up with no printer selected in the print dialog, and the user
>selects the plotter each time (although you can save your print selections
>for each drawing).  I have even tried setting the default printer to the
>"PDF distiller" and it still takes the same ammount of time for the print
>dialog to come up.
>However, I was just tinkering with the print settings and noticed that the
>print dialog comes up normally some times.  i.e. If you click cancel on the
>print dialog and then hit the print icon again quickly, it seems to come up
>The other mysterious problem is the time it takes to save.  I just saw a guy
>behind me try to save a drawing and it took about 20 seconds.  Something
>that never happened before when the files were hosted on an older windows XP
>machine with a heavier load.
>I'm all out of ideas and really don't want to go back to windows.
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>>Brian Merrell wrote:
>>| No good.  It's still amazingly slow.  It seems to perform
>>| just fine until the user tries to print.  There is a huge
>>| delay before the print dialog comes up, and when the user
>>| tries to save there is another huge delay.  The
>>| problem seems to be only with AutoCad.
>>Sorry I'm late on this thread.
>>Are these XP clients?  Do the clients have a
>>active firewall installed.  If the delay is only
>>when printing, it is probabl either
>>(a) a very chatty printer driver, or
>>(b) timeouts when the client tries to
>>~    open a print change notify handle.
>>cheers, jerry
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