[Samba] can´t see shares from 98 to XP

Jorge Kramer jorge_kra at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 11:42:26 GMT 2004

I have a samba server (3.0.4) as a domain controller
for windows clients. Users can log on to my domain
from Win 98 and XP, from server I can see and connect
to shares I have on windows, server shares are also
accessible to win clients. The only problem is that
from 98 I can see XP computer but when I try to
connect to shares I get an error message "\\x is not
accessible. this device does not exist on the
network". I can ping XP  by name and ip, no problem
with this. From XP to 98 it works, I can see and
access shares. Between 2 XP boxes it works, I can see
computers and access shares from one to another. I use
encrypted passwords on samba server and also windows. 

If you have any ideea what might be the problem,
please let me know it.


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