[Samba] Excluded profile folders sync'd on logout

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Tue Jun 8 07:36:22 GMT 2004

rwallace at thewallacepack.net wrote:

>But I do want the Desktop folder on the server.  I want Windows to 
>use it instead of copying the Desktop folder in the roaming profile 
>back and forth between the server and client to save time.  I have 
>some people on our network that have very large image files and 
>what-not on their Desktop, so logging out tends to take a VERY long 
>time.  I thought using folder redirection was the answer to this, 
>but with this syncing on logout it's pretty much just the same thing 
>except with a status bar.  What exactly is Windows syncing?  It 
>takes so long it seems like it's copying the files, but the files 
>are already on the server and aren't on the Desktop.  So how can I 
>stop the syncing that's going on?

We just went through the pain of finding this out yesterday.

As it was explained to me (I'm not directly handling this), when you 
first copy the folder to the server, XP sets the flag to treat it as 
'offlinable' (or something like that), meaning that it will copy any 
files down to the local machine and sync them on logout.

According to info from the MS website, turning off the "offline 
files" option in the properties of the hard disk (root) should stop 
it - or failing that, turn it off on the folder.


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