[Samba] Lock ups?

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Mon Jun 7 23:52:15 GMT 2004

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 08:52:54PM +1200, Chris wrote:
> I'm still having this problem despite tweaking various things on my XP
> client and a few things on the Debian Samba server. It must be a Samba
> problem becasue I get the same effect on two different XP clients and one
> Linux client.
> The network layer is fine (all cards swaped round and/or replaced. Switch
> replaced and there are no ethernet errors. Locked at 100 meg full duplex
> throughout on all cards. (I must say it's the fastest network I've created
> after all this farking about).
> I have put up an ethereal capture taken during one of the pauses if anyone
> cares to have a look. I'm seeing what looks (to my untrained samba
> eye) like funny behavior. The trace
> was started after the "freeze" started. It lasted about 10 second during
> which the Samba server was unresponsive. The Debian samba server is
> and the XP client is
> http://www.kaos.gen.nz/capture/lock-up.cap
> (400k)
> I'm seeing normal traffic till the lock.. then some trans2 response
> <unknown>. packets...
> then at packet 18 the pause ended and I see some error "status cancel"
> messages (god only knows) and some SMB close requests.. then everything
> comes right and the data starts streaming as normal.
> Anyone got any suggestions?

What are you using to capture the packets here ? It looks like
some packets may be missing. We're sending a cancel reply, which
is probably the a reply to a "cancel change notify" request that
isn't seen in the trace.


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