[Samba] Excluded profile folders sync'd on logout

rwallace at thewallacepack.net rwallace at thewallacepack.net
Mon Jun 7 17:09:14 GMT 2004

Mi wrote:

>> I'm trying to get folder redirection working with roaming profiles 
>> and Samba 3.0.2a and Windows XP clients.  I've followed the Samba 3 
>> by Example document and have change the User Shell Folders registry 
>> key and created a Default User profile in the netlogon share and set 
>> the machnes group policy for excluding the directories from the 
>> roaming profile.
>> Everything is working properly AFAIK except for one thing, when the 
>> user logs out, Windows XP displays a dialog with a progress bar and 
>> says its syncing the profdata share.  If I copy a big file to the 
>> Desktop, say something around 70MB, this sync takes a long time, like 
>> it's copying the file to the server or off the server or something.
>> The registry key for the "User Shell Folders\Desktop" is set to 
>> \\%LOGONSERVER%\profdata\%USERNAME%\Desktop and I have Desktop as one 
>> of the folders in the "Exclude from roaming profiles" list.
> You are pointing the desktop folder to the server. If you don't want 
> it there you should probably point it elsewhere. Like 
> "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop", which may work with your exclusion list, or 
> %HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH%\Desktop ? You can see all your environment 
> variables by typing SET at the Windows command line.
But I do want the Desktop folder on the server.  I want Windows to use 
it instead of copying the Desktop folder in the roaming profile back and 
forth between the server and client to save time.  I have some people on 
our network that have very large image files and what-not on their 
Desktop, so logging out tends to take a VERY long time.  I thought using 
folder redirection was the answer to this, but with this syncing on 
logout it's pretty much just the same thing except with a status bar.  
What exactly is Windows syncing?  It takes so long it seems like it's 
copying the files, but the files are already on the server and aren't on 
the Desktop.  So how can I stop the syncing that's going on?

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