[Samba] Two questions about smbldap-tools

Dan Hill dwh6 at cwru.edu
Mon Jun 7 14:34:15 GMT 2004

Hi Erik.

1.  Doh!  Guess I missed that. :-/

2.  Very odd.  I've been trying to get to Idealx all morning and was 
always prompted for a username/password.  I was trying to access pages I 
bookmarked and even went to links via google and was presented w/ same 
result.  But you are right now.  The link is working.



Erik Holst Trans wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> 1. Yes, ther is a cgi sctipt in the documentation under 
> examples/LDAP/smb-tools/cgi/ldappass.cgi
> But i have not used it yet.
> 2. Yes, works great here.
> Using this URL: http://www.idealx.org/index.en.html
> Best regards
> Erik Holst Trans
> Dan Hill wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> 1.  Are they any web based interfaces to smbldap-passwd.pl?
>> 2.  Is www.idealx.org still a valid site for the smbldap-tools and 
>> related info?  When I go there, no matter the URL I enter, I get a 
>> login screen prompting for a username and password or a message that 
>> page can not be found on the server.
>> Thanks,
>> ~Dan

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