[Samba] Migrating to new Samba - LDAP schema change

Erik Holst Trans eht at it-trans.dk
Mon Jun 7 12:42:13 GMT 2004


I have noticed that the SambaAccount have changed to SambaSamAcount.
Take a the documetation directory under examples/LDAP there should be a 
script "convertSambaAccount" to convert you entries.

Best regards
Erik Holst Trans

Dwight Tovey wrote:
> I'm working on upgrading a Samba server from Version 2.2.8a to Version
> 3.0.4.  One of the things I've noticed is that the samba.schema has
> changed.  I'll admit that I haven't done an exhaustive search yet, but in
> looking over the documentation I haven't seen any mention of anything that
> needs to be done to  migrate an existing directory to the new schema.  Are
> there any tools that will aid in the migration?
> Thanks
>     /dwight

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