[Samba] Help with NT/Samba

James Sherwood jsherwood at romulin.com
Mon Jun 7 12:10:51 GMT 2004

    I have an NT network(NT 4.0) and I just put a linux server on it.  I am
using Samba to connect and I beleive everything has went fine other than

I can see the linux box with the domain controller box, but none of the
other machines can connect to it.
I had it working fine when There was a primary domain controller and a
secondary domain controller, but the primary controller went down and now
the secondary is now the primary. It can see the linux box, but none of the
workstations can see it.

Any ideas?

James Sherwood
Enterprise Java Developer
ROMulin Group Inc.
(506) 863-1014 ext 4
jsherwood at romulin.com

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