[Samba] RE: smbfs wrong file size

Andrea.Ferrando at marconiselenia.com Andrea.Ferrando at marconiselenia.com
Mon Jun 7 08:53:36 GMT 2004

I've got the same problem of this post of 19 Apr:

> Hi team,
> i've got a behaviour that i can't explain at all
> i'm running a Linux, debian unstable, samba packages version 
> is 3.0.2a, kernel versions are 2.4.22 / 2.6.1 and 2.6.4. FS 
> is XFS. when i mount a share on an HP-UX/ASU server, i can 
> see files with their real size, but when i try to copy them 
> on my HD it appears to be 4GB ! When i try to open a file 
> directly from remote, it's just impossible. I've already 
> mounted this share successfully, it just happens suddenly...
> has anyone an idea about this problem ?
> many thanks

If I connect to the ASU via smbclient there is no problem on transferring 
files. But if I mount the share with smbmount I'got this kind of problem.

Have you solved this?


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