[Samba] transfering users from PDC to print/file server

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On Sat, 5 Jun 2004 00:31 , abebe lsslp <peaceofcrap2001 at yahoo.com> sent:

>I have a Samba PDC server running on Fedora Core. I also have 3 samba print servers and 1 samba file server setup on RedHat 9 machines.
>How do I make my RedHat file and print servers to get user information from the PDC so I don't have to set up users on every single server?
>I appreciate your help!

what version of samba are you using?  samba 3 has built in (time of install?) LDAP user database replication.  Samba pre-3 you need to 
configure it to handle ldap user database...when you get an ldap controlled samba, the users automagically replicate when change on one 
system - -- there are numerous posts, sites. projects and threads regarding this - so finidng info similar to your concept should be easy.

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