[Samba] Workgroup shows up, but not the computer

Marcus Franke marcus.franke at gmx.net
Sat Jun 5 09:35:23 GMT 2004

Marcus Franke wrote:

> Hi,
>> I can't really be of much help except to say "me too".  There have 
>> been 4 or
>> 5 users (including) myself post regarding similar problems over the 
>> past 2
>> months or so in both workgroup and domain configurations, as far as I'm
>> aware none have yet resolved the problem.
> maybe NBT support on the client side is disabled? If you accidently
> disabled support for NetBIOS protocol then the network neighborhood will
> stay empty as this feature fully relies on NBT

one should read his own postings before pressing the send button.
If NBT is disabled you wouldn't even see the workgroup :)

But name resolution in a netbios based scenario isn't the most
reliable process.. Try to activate WINS and make your clients
use the WINS server, this could help


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