[Samba] Windows XP and domain logon

Marcus Franke marcus.franke at gmx.net
Sat Jun 5 09:20:07 GMT 2004

Honey Bajaj wrote:

> Sascha,
> I am a bit new to samba and wins, can you explain in a bit detail, and one thing I would like to know 
> is it necessary to have DNS server to have windows xp logon to domain.

If one has a Win2k, Win2k3 AD based domain then you MUST HAVE a working
DNS for your domain controllers, as the client finds the logon services
and the domain controllers with the helf of the DNS service.

The entries in the DNS you are looking for are the SRV entries.
Especially _gc, _ldap, and _kerberos for the logon process.


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