[Samba] Mapping users between UNIX and ADS

Richard Nordlund Richard.Nordlund at cma.se
Fri Jun 4 09:35:19 GMT 2004



I was wondering if users needed to be mapped between ADS and UNIX and so
the box running samba knows what users are doing what. Or is it enough
to simply specify valid users = '@EUROPE+Domain Users' and admin users =
'@EUROPE+Domain Admins' on a share? Also the "write list =" doesn't seem
to work. I'm guessing the only reason that I get the Domain Admins to be
able to write to the share is because "admin users =" is mapped to the
local unix user root. How do I map the ADS users to the local ones?
Or am I completely on the wrong track.
//Richard Nordlund.


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