[Samba] Suppres password prompt in Samba net command

dkw cifs at skicentral.tv
Thu Jun 3 19:30:54 GMT 2004


I am trying to suppress the password prompt when trying to change a
WIN2K Active Directory account password from a linux workstation with
the Samba 3 net command.  My workstation is not a member of the Active
Directory domain.

Here is the syntax I am using:

/usr/local/samba/bin/net -w mydomain -I ads.mydomain.com --user=test
PASSWORD test football soccer01

Here is my workstation setup:

Red Hat Linux Enterprise AS 2.
Samba Version 3.0.2a

The above example prompts for the password of the "--user=test"
account.  I would like to suppress the command from asking for the
password or enter the password into the command line before it runs as I
am trying to create a CGI to change the password.  The CGI will happen
to live on a linux box with apache & perl serving the utility.  The
account I am changing the password for lives on an all WIN2K server AD

Thank you,

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