[Samba] Browse list issues with Windows XP

Wesley Hobbie wslyhbb at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 3 17:28:58 GMT 2004

That is interesting, I will admit that my Computer Description field does
have an apostrophy (single quote) in it.  So, if that is the case, I think
it is a bug, and as of 3.0, because I never had a problem with the
apostrophy in the Computer Description field on 2.2.8a, and Windows does not
have a problem with apostrophies in the computer description.

> Check out the Computer Description field.  I found that if there is a
> special character (single quote) in this field, then the PC would not
> display in the browse list.
> Mark
>> To further the discussion (or lack thereof) of the browse list issues
>> (systems not showing up in the browse list, even though their shares are
>> accessable with //system/sharename) that 5 or 10 people on the list have
>> been having over the past month or so...
>> I was out to this client the other day, had the opportunity to try the
>> things that had been suggested, all to no avail.  I then proceeded to
>> a
>> new machine to the domain, after I had it all set up I happened to
>> into Network Neighborhood and to my shock and awe there was the new
>> showing up (along with the server which had always been visible).  The
>> other
>> workstations are still not visible however.  I went on to the server and
>> ran
>> smbtree and it happily listed the shares on the server, and on the new
>> workstation... but no others.
>> There have been no changes to the samba configuration, so that can safely
>> be
>> eliminated as the cause... likewise both the new and old machines have
>> updates applied, so that reduces (it's microsoft so can't guarantee that
>> it
>> eliminates completely) the chances that its caused by a microsoft patch.
>> I have checked wins.dat and browse.dat (browse.txt, the exact name
>> me) and I can't see any obvious differences for the entries for the new
>> machine vs. the existing systems.
>> This should be relatively easy to troubleshoot now that I have working
>> non-working examples on the same server...  if someone has suggestions of
>> where to look?  Is there anything in any of the .tdb files that would
>> any bearing on a machine showing in network neighborhood or not?  A
>> to peek at those files and look for any differences at all?  Any ideas?
>> Thanks,
>>>>>>> Mike <<<<<

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