[Samba] Detail on Samba 3 By Exmaple (comments).

José Ildefonso Camargo Tolosa icamargo at merkurio.com.ve
Thu Jun 3 05:32:04 GMT 2004


I have been reading the Samba 3 by example avaible on the web site 
(samba-guide.pdf), I think it is very good, but have a question:

- In section 6.3.5 (page 150, numerated), there is a note wich says that 
the computers account must be inside the People container due to an 
error in samba.  Is this true?, or can it be due to the config of the 
nss-ldap and the pam-ldap modules wich is on the book?:

 > nss_base_passwd ou=People,dc=abmas,dc=biz?one
 > nss_base_shadow ou=People,dc=abmas,dc=biz?one
 > nss_base_group ou=Groups,dc=abmas,dc=biz?one

The original config look for user account (including the computers ones) 
only on the container People, so, when the computers accounts are 
created, the nss and pam doesn't look at them, and samba would fail.

I think the two first should be:

nss_base_passwd dc=abmas,dc=biz?sub
nss_base_shadow dc=abmas,dc=biz?sub

Or, if you don't want it to look to the ou=Groups when looking for 
users, you can create another ou=Accounts with two "sub ous": ou=People 
and ou=Computers, and the entries would look like:

nss_base_passwd ou=Accounts,dc=abmas,dc=biz?sub
nss_base_shadow ou=Accounts,dc=abmas,dc=biz?sub

Not sure, but I'm using it this way in my computer, and it works just 
fine.  I'm using samba 3.0.4, but it seems that on the 3.0.2a it worked 
this way too.

Thanks once again for writing this excelent book, and thanks in advance 
for any comments on this,


Ildefonso Camargo
icamargo at merkurio.com.ve
ildefonso_camargo at yahoo.com
icamargo at unet.edu.ve

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