[Samba] Browse list issues with Windows XP

Kit kit at gerritsaa.nl
Thu Jun 3 12:24:21 GMT 2004

The delay in XP might be due to XP using Direct Hosting, instead of NBT

Some information about Windows Direct Hosting (port 445) can be found at:


Here you will see that, by disabling port 445 (direct hosting), all traffic
reverts back to NBT.

>From what I can see, Direct Hosting is no more than SMB over TCP/IP, instead
of using NBT (NetBIOS over TCP) as an intermediary transport.

Blocking Direct Hosting should not break anything (it is merely a
'short-cut') but, once it gets implemented, it should reduce overhead on
server and network.

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Van: Mike Cisar [mailto:mlists at starmania.net] 
Verzonden: woensdag 2 juni 2004 17:58
Aan: samba at lists.samba.org
Onderwerp: [Samba] Browse list issues with Windows XP

To further the discussion (or lack thereof) of the browse list issues
(systems not showing up in the browse list, even though their shares are
accessable with //system/sharename) that 5 or 10 people on the list have
been having over the past month or so...

I was out to this client the other day, had the opportunity to try the few
things that had been suggested, all to no avail.  I then proceeded to join a
new machine to the domain, after I had it all set up I happened to stumble
into Network Neighborhood and to my shock and awe there was the new system
showing up (along with the server which had always been visible).  The other
workstations are still not visible however.  I went on to the server and ran
smbtree and it happily listed the shares on the server, and on the new
workstation... but no others.  

There have been no changes to the samba configuration, so that can safely be
eliminated as the cause... likewise both the new and old machines have all
updates applied, so that reduces (it's microsoft so can't guarantee that it
eliminates completely) the chances that its caused by a microsoft patch.

I have checked wins.dat and browse.dat (browse.txt, the exact name escapes
me) and I can't see any obvious differences for the entries for the new
machine vs. the existing systems.

This should be relatively easy to troubleshoot now that I have working and
non-working examples on the same server...  if someone has suggestions of
where to look?  Is there anything in any of the .tdb files that would have
any bearing on a machine showing in network neighborhood or not?  A viewer
to peek at those files and look for any differences at all?  Any ideas? 

>>>>> Mike <<<<<

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