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Thu Jun 3 09:47:45 GMT 2004


have you tried to add them local (on win xp por) to the poweruser group??

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> We have implemented an NT domain with samba 3.0.4 PDC on Slackware 9.1
> and Win XP Pro clients. Everything is working nicely except for one
> issue. I haven't used Windows for years, so possibly I just don't
> understand something basic about Windows XP security ...
> Having logged in (to the domain), users are unable to perform tasks such
> as update certain files on the local system, for example to update
> anti-virus software or install a newer web browser or browser plug-in.
> Also, some applications run locally (eg MYOB) complain about not being
> able to open files they need (probably tmp files).
> I have added these users to a Unix "domadm" group and mapped this group
> to "Administrators" using 'net groupadd', to no apparent effect.
> How can I configure things so that users on Windows clients can perform
> the tasks described? Am I on the right track with 'net groupadd' etc?
> Does samba even have anything to do with this?
> In a nutshell, while I understand something about how samba restricts
> user access to resources on the samba server, does samba also dictate
> the permissions a user has on their local system? The local user
> permission settings appear to be being overriden by settings obtained
> from the samba server.
> Thanks, any ideas greatly appreciated.
> Mick
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