[Samba] issue joining domain samba 3.0.2

Andrew Reilly adr at maas.ca
Wed Jun 2 18:55:07 GMT 2004

I am attempting to deploy a number of NT 4 style
domains in a single organisation using samba with
an openldap backend.  Reading the following thread
I was under the impression that it was possible to
use an LDAP slave as passdb backend:


When I have the master listed as the passdb backend
joining a W2K workstation to the domain happens with-
out a hitch.  When I substitute a slave as the passdb
backend the the referral is followed, entries in the
LDAP master are made (including sambaPassword entries),
and replication back to the slave happens.  But when
the workstation is rebooted it not possible to logon
to workstation using a domain account.  The error is:

The system cannot log you on to this domain because
the system's computer account in its primary domain
is missing or the password on that account is

I have the samba log files as well, but the log
generated with log level = 5 is over 10,000 lines.

This was tested on RedHat Enterprise 3.0 using the
stock rpms:


I believe that I've gone over everything with a fine
tooth comb.  If anyone has every had this working I
would love to hear from you just to know I'm not
beating my head against a wall.  Even better, if a
developer out there could let me know the status of
this functionality...


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