[Samba] pam_mount with uid and gid

Olivier olles at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jun 2 14:40:42 GMT 2004


I use pam_mount to mount each user's home directory when he logs in.
It works just fine with this line in the pam_mount.conf :

volume * smb myserver & /home/& uid=&,workgroup=MYDOMAIN - -
(the & here is replaced by the user name when pam_mount is invoked)

As you can see, the group id (gid) is not specified because I can't find
any clue of how to tell pam_mount to set the gid based on user gid.
The only allowed parameter is gid=& which is suitable only when you have
a group for each user.

Does anybody know how to get the user's gid ?

Olivier <olles at wanadoo.fr>

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