[Samba] Unable to execute program from smbldap-passwd.pl om samba 3.0.4

Jérôme Tournier jerome.tournier at idealx.com
Wed Jun 2 14:20:11 GMT 2004

Le Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 04:21:59PM +0300, zergio a ecrit:
> When I run smbldap-passwd.pl script from command line it works just 
> fine, however when samba calls it, unix and samba passwords got changed.
> But my code, which I added, looks like never been called at all.
for smbldap-passwd.pl to be called, you need to add  in smb.conf :
'unix password sync = Yes'
I know this is strange for ldap backend, but the man page said that.
Next, you need to patch smbldap-passwd.pl (in 3 different places) so that
you have only the <STDIN> between "stty -echo" and "stty echo".
For example:

system "stty -echo";
system "stty echo";
print "\n";

and not
system "stty -echo";
print "\n";
system "stty echo";

i am sorry, i can't send a patch because i don't have old sources with me

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