[Samba] 2 passwords when loging from Windows 98 to samba PDC

Christoph Scheeder christoph.scheeder at scheeder.de
Wed Jun 2 11:03:38 GMT 2004

AFAIK, you can not obtain what you want with Win98-Clients.
Why? this is a Limitation of Win98.
It does not realy get incorporated into a domain,
it only handles it as a "little bit better workgroup".
And for that does its own authentication stuff
  and does not trust the PDC.
No Mater if the PDC is samba, NT-x or win2k

romildo at uber.com.br schrieb:

> Hello.
> I have setup a local network where Windows 98
> workstations authenticates against a samba
> server PDC running on linux, and it is working.
> But there is a little annoyance: Windows 98
> is handling 2 passwords:
> 1) the network password (used with the samba PDC)
> 2) the windows password (used with the Windows
>    desktop)
> Windows users can change their passwords from
> the workstation, but the desktop password is
> kept locally. If they change the passwords
> in one workstation and then login in another
> workstation, the passwords will be different.
> I would like to eliminate the need for second
> password and kepp only the first. Is it possible?
> If not, I would like to keep the desktop
> passwords at the samba server. Is that possible?
> Regards.
> Romildo

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