[Samba] authenticating against windows server 2003

Christoph Scheeder christoph.scheeder at scheeder.de
Wed Jun 2 10:53:37 GMT 2004

What versions of samba and kerberos?
i had to install MIT-kerberos-v1.3.3 and samba-3.0.5pre1 to get this
working with a win2k-ADS-server, a samba-member-server and win2k 
clients. Older Versions definitly didn't work.

Owen, Mary schrieb:

> I have a windows 2003 server and a SAMBA file server.
> I appear to have joined the ads realm.  When I do a klist I have 3 tickets.
> for krbtgt,kadmin,kdc server
> from my SAMBA file server I can access all shares on windows 2003 machine.
> When my 2003 clients try to access the samba file server they get the login
> box.
> It doesn't matter what you enter it will not allow access.  My windows 2003
> server is also denied access to my SAMBA file server.
> I have run out of ideas, so any ideas .......

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