[Samba] Samba works with HP 9130 ???

Daniela Gradim daniela.gradim at fortevisiomedica.com
Wed Jun 2 10:46:36 GMT 2004


I'm new Samba user and I have one big problem.
I was configure my samba server, create one user and password for this
printer, shared one folder. 
I can see my server from one Windows Machine, I can connect with the
folders and work normaly.
Now my problem this printer can scanner to netfolders but when I type
name of my samba server and folder and login and password where I want
those scanned files I get one error about login and password failed. 

I try my lists but I don't get helps. Now I don't no if it is one
problem with my server or with my printer.

Best Regards

Daniela Gradim <daniela.gradim at fortevisiomedica.com>
Forte Visio Medica AB

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