[Samba] Printer accounting/quota ?

Shannon Johnson sjohnson at engr.psu.edu
Tue Jun 1 19:43:23 GMT 2004

I'd look into PrintBill. It's very similar to PyKota, but I found it
worked better in my situation. Both are good solutions though. I just
found PrintBill was a little easier to install and configure.

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> Subject: [Samba] Printer accounting/quota ?
> Hi all,
> I am about to install a Samba server at a local school, and i need
> advice and/or experience from others who have worked on a installation
> of that type/size.
> My plan is to roll-out a Samba server (of course), with LDAP back-end,
> and a number of printer queue's via CUPS.
> There will be aprox. 1000 user accounts, mostly students.
> The school has asked for a solution that would make theme able to
> control the amount of paper each student is allowed to use eg.
> AFAIK, there is no solution in the Samba or CUPS tool-box itself, so i
> Googled a little and found the PyKota project:
>    http://www.librelogiciel.com/software/PyKota/action_Presentation
> Unfortunately i do not have any experience with it, but it seems like
> good solution because it is able to store the accounting data in LDAP,
> and monitor the printers life-time page counter.
> Any advice or info about how it is done else where would be deeply
> apriciated.
> Thanks and best regards,
> Erik Holst Trans
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