[Samba] Windows Servers Spools but doesn't print

Dave Hirsch dhirsch at hrtinternet.com
Sat Jan 31 22:01:16 GMT 2004

Wonder if anybody has insight to this issue? Trying to print from Linux
to an HP Officejet connected to a Windows 2000 Adv Srv box. The wkstn is
a fresh installation configured with Linux Suse 9.0 Professional, KDE,
CUPS and Samba. KDEPrint has the correct print driver for the printer.
File access to the windows server works great.  Whether using KDEPrint
or SMBPrint line commands, we have the same following problem:

The print jobs APPEAR to go to the Windows print server correctly. This
is observed by watching the print Q on the Windows Server. The print job
spools to the correct printing Q, the dialog box says it is 'spooling'
and then says 'spooling-printing'. Then, it simply doesn't print

There are no errors in the Windows server log. The Event Viewer looks
just as it does when printing from a Windows workstation or locally
(with the same user credentials). This problem is replicated when using
the "test" button in KDEPrint, the "test" button within the Yast
configurator, the SMBPrint line command, and OpenOffice via KDEPrint. 

Any insight to resolving this problem is greatly appreciated.


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