[Samba] Win9x - Samba - NT Domain question

Brian Walter amatin at comcast.net
Sat Jan 31 05:25:20 GMT 2004


I have a configuration question regarding using samba, a win98 machine in a Nt


2 linux boxes both running samba 3.0.1
winxp and win98
winnt as domain server.

>From my win98 machine, I can see the shares on linux box a. (Running
Fedora/samba 3.0.1)
>From my win98 machine, I CAN NOT see the share on linux box b (Redhat 9/samba 
However, from the xp machine, I *can* see the shares on linux box b.

I went so far as to copy the smb.conf file from box a to box b, with no effect
(turns out, I have the same shares on both machines, so no conflicts).

Following the diagnosis routines in the documentation, when I try to do the net
view \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'box b', I get 
Error 5: You do not currently have access to this file. The file may be
marked read-only, or it may be part of a shared resource such as a folder, a
named pipe, a queue, or a semaphore. You can use the ATTRIB command to change
the read-only attribute, or try again later when the file may be available.

If I try to user explorer, and click on the server name, it asks for the
password for ipc$ service.

I *know* it's something obvious, but i'm at my wits ends.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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