[Samba] failover/redundancy with dfs, ldap, and samba

Terry td3201 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 30 19:50:38 GMT 2004


I have some general failover/redundancy questions:
1) Is it possible to have samba use multiple ldap
servers without an external load balancing solution
like a Cisco CSS?
2) I want to have samba be my dfs root.  How can I
have redundant/failover dfs root servers again without
some sort of load balancing device like a CSS if that
would even work in this situation....I think it would,
it would work in a failover but certainly not in a
load balancing scenario...hrm...the more I think about
it leads me to think that it could be possible of the
load balancing switch handles sessions correctly but I
imagine that could get quite messy.

Thoughts please! 


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