[Samba] Permissions and authorities

Glenn Robinson glenn at flying-fields.co.uk
Fri Jan 30 10:59:33 GMT 2004

Le ven 30/01/2004 à 11:37, Glenn Robinson a écrit :

> I was expecting that any new documents created would have the same user
> owner as the directory within which they are being created.

Nope, they are created with the identity of the user on the box,
fe. uid = dmorel
gid = users

you can map users to different identities, but you'd probably rather not
to if you're starting. What your story suggests is you mapped your users
to the root account which is quite bad. Describe your setup a little

> What am I doing wrong here?

Probably not reading the manual thoroughly enough :-)

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I'm aware that I can do things like mapping Windows user 'Administrator' to
Linux user 'root' in the smbusers file but I haven't touched this file.

I have a folder called apps which is owned by user root with a group of
root. I have the following share attributes in my smb.conf:

    comment = Applications
    writeable = yes
    path = /apps
    write list = root, cuffm
    create mode =  0666
    directory mode = 0777
    guest ok = no

I've had to set rw for users in create mode so that everyone can get access
to new files created in this share.


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