[Samba] Samba, Lotus Notes Domino, PDF

Stefan.Iven at voessing.de Stefan.Iven at voessing.de
Fri Jan 30 08:29:36 GMT 2004

Hello list,

now I do not have a problem with Samba3. I have only a
question where I need some suggestions:

We have Lotus Notes Domino Server 6.5. This Server is
reachable via Internet and an Internetbrowser.
The application this Domino Server is running is an
projectmanagment system. A lot of different Companys are
working over that managment system for one project.

They are autenticatet by the Domino Server.
Users are able to append documents (Word, Excel, ACAD etc)
to the workflow.
But now not everyone has as example ACAD, so they are not able
to view ACAD documents.
So one way is, my be not the best, to use PDF format.
If we creat an PDF service server, to convert every document to
PDF we need to have every application installed on this server to
convert the documents.
Much better is, to use the applicaton on the client. A client without
as example ACAD will never go and append a ACAD document.
For that way, i need a PDF printer.

To arrange a PDF printer with SAMBA works. But like I told, this
printer is then reachable from internet, so I need to authenticate
the users.

So I think that Domino uses LDAP as userdatabase, and for printing
to the PDF printer the LDAP is also used.

Comming to the end: I'm not sure if this will work. I do not know if
I can get openldap to work with Domino, otherwise, I do not
know if the LDAP server from Domino will work for Samba.
And, I do not konw if this is realy a good, or maybe the worst
way to implement PDF Servervice.

So if someone has an idea, that will be very helpfully for me.

Thanks for your time.

MfG Stefan

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