[Samba] PDC/BDC Questions

Cybr0t McWhulf cybre at killcybre.org
Fri Jan 30 04:11:58 GMT 2004

Sorry, that was a bit vague, my apologies.

My real question is, in the event where netbios is not being passed between network segments  (In this particular case, a WAN), where the PDC is at one site, and the BDC is at another, are there any provisions for failover?  Or am I just going to have to run them both as PDC's for their network segment?

Thanks again for your time, I really appreciate it.

 -- Cy

> Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 18:34:04 +1100
> From: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>
> To: Cybr0t McWhulf <cybre at killcybre.org>
> Cc: samba at lists.samba.org
> Subject: Re: [Samba] PDC/BDC Questions
> On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 08:44, Cybr0t McWhulf wrote:
> > Software:
> > OS: 		Redhat 9
> > Samba Ver: 	Samba 3.0.0 (Plus excel writelock patch, waiting for 3.0.2!)
> > OpenLDAP Ver: 	2.0.27-8
> >
> > Just a quick question about PDC / BDC interaction, my plan is to distribute
> >  Samba (with slave ldap backend) BDCs to remote facilities, as well as
> > have one on each network segment in the hopes of avoiding unnecessary
> > nmb broadcast traffic.
> >
> > My question is this: Will the PDC / BDC(s), acting as master browsers
> > for their segments, exchange netbios information (i.e. netbios names,
> >  browsing info, etc.) via nmb?  Or do they exchange this information via
> > tcp?  Or at all for that matter?
> If they can't see each other, they will not exchange it at all.  If it
> is intended that they not see each other, you may set each up as a 'PDC'
> on each site.
> > Also as a complete sidenote, what I think would be a nifty feature:
> > (This would only be useful to those running an ldap backend (possibly
> > mysql?)
> > When setting an account to disabled, have an option to set the loginShell
> > attribute to something, such as /sbin/nologin (Should be configurable of
> > course).  Should be a fairly trivial thing.. just altering another
> > attribute, if my C foo wasn't so weak I might attempt to add this
> > feature myself.  Just a possible suggestion :)
> We would rather not modify attributes that are not mandated by our
> schema, but I would certainly look favourably on a patch that allowed
> integrated updates with things like posixAccount and the shadow
> attributes.  (The problem with setting a shell to /sbin/nologin is
> deciding what to set it back to...)
> Andrew Bartlett
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