[Samba] BDC and Roaming Profiles

Andrei Mikhailovsky andrei at arhont.com
Thu Jan 29 19:11:23 GMT 2004

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I was wondering if it is possible to enable roaming profiles on the BDC.
I have consulted the samba.org documentation on roaming profiles and
couldn't find the solution for my setup:

samba pdc integrated with master ldap + replica to server2
users home shares and profiles are stored here in /home/samba/ and
shared using [homes].

samba bdc integrated with slave ldap

If samba on server1 goes down, authentication is done by server2 bdc
with slave ldap. But if this happens, then users will not be able to use
home folders and their profles. If I copy /home/samba from server 1 to
server2 and enable [homes] this might solve the problem. However, the
home and profiles paths fields in the LDAP database should point to
PDC's homes if pdc samba is running, otherwise they should point to
bdc's homes.  How do i specify that in the ldap database? I've tried
useing various macros that are relevant to smb.conf, but it doesn't
work. My [home] and [profiles] section in smb.conf are as follows:

~   logon path           = \\%N\profiles\%U
~   logon home           = \\%N\%U

~   comment = Home Directories
~   browseable = no
~   guest ok = no
~   public = no
~   path = /home/samba/home/%S

~        path = /home/samba/profiles/%U
~        read only = no
~        writeable = yes
~        create mask = 0650
~        directory mask = 0750
~        browseable = no

Has anyone implemented a setup similar to mine? Any suggestions on how
this can be done?

Thanks a lot for your help )

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