[Samba] Installing Mozilla on a SAMBA share

Andreas Lehmann lehmann at tkd-comsys.de
Thu Jan 29 12:57:17 GMT 2004

Hi list,

this is my first time in this list and guess what I have :-)

RIGHT - a question.

I have SAMBA running a while w/o any problems except one thing. Usually I 
install software for shared access or just to keep it away from Window$. 
So after I reinstalled Window$ I can easily use the program again w/o 
intallation. It works with Total Commander and other usefull applications.
But not with Mozilla. I always get the message -202 ACCESS DENIED. But I 
do have full rights on the share. It happens the same way with Opera but 
only if I upgrade or reinstall it in the same directory on the share.

This is the share definition
	  writeable = yes
         browseable = yes
         force create mode = 0770
         force directory mode = 0770

I'm using SAMBA v3.0.0 on SuSE Linux 8.2 Kernel 2.4.21

Thanks in advance

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