[Samba] Change passwords

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Thu Jan 29 11:57:54 GMT 2004

> Is it possible to enable a Windows XP SP1 user to change his
> domain password
> on the Samba server via the standard Windows way by pressing ctrl-alt-del
> and choose Change Password?
> Samba is 2.2.5 SuSE
> Anders Norrbring


In [global] you want:

You need to set the correct values for:

passwd program (= /path/to/passwd %u)
passwd chat (distro dependant - something like this though: passwd chat =
*new*password* %n\\n*new*password* %n\\n *changed*)
unix password sync (= yes)

You could also use PAM:

PAM password change = yes

and delete the "passwd program" parameter.

The password chat is distro dependant - because it is based on what happens
if you type passwd <user> as root.

try typing man smb.conf - its suprisingly useful!



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